Medical grade vital signs in a few seconds from a selfie camera, in trials with the NHS, transforming healthcare and quality of life.

Project News

Lifelight will be available soon. During 2018 the technology is going through trials to gain CE marking to be used as a medical device.

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Latest News
Xim was proudly invited to demonstrate Lifelight® at Downing as part of this year's London TechWeek. This must have made quite an impression, because the following week, we were the only technology company to be mentioned by the Prime Minister in her NHS at 70 speech given at the Royal Free Hospital!

“Just last week, I hosted over 180 tech entrepreneurs and investors in Downing Street to celebrate London Tech Week. It was fantastic to see some of our leading artificial intelligence technology in action. This included a programme called Xim’s Lifelight, which is trialling the use of a webcam to detect early warning of health problems.”

PM speech on the NHS: 18 June 2018 - GOV.UK

Digital Vision

1. Lifelight software can detect the colour change on skin each time a heart beats using the camera in a digital device as a sensor.

2. Our algorithm can quickly measure the key vital signs medical professionals need to assess health – pulse, respiration, blood pressure and blood oxygen – in a fraction of the time it takes with current techniques.

3. Lifelight requires no special equipment, no training and no unnecessary surgery visits – just software on standard digital devices.

4. The measurements will transfer to digital health records and become the basis for early warnings of critical health events.

5. This enables low cost health monitoring anywhere and transforms care pathways as well as user's quality of life – patients and clinicians!

Next generation digital health through computer vision, data analytics and machine learning

Lifelight® has been in development for five years and has an expert team behind it, over 20 strong. Partners include two hospitals, three universities, eleven GP practices, AHSNs, STPs, clinical, physiological and machine learning advisors plus partners in four countries.

Lifelight® is a game changer in many ways. It will reduce the cost and hassle of high-value vital sign monitoring so that it is accessible to anyone, both when acute conditions need to be monitored and increasingly within a preventative framework. Both scenarios will relieve pressure on carers and healthcare system alike. More importantly it will increase the security and wellbeing of individual users. 

Already health systems are straining as they continue to fix people when they’ve gone wrong – which happens more as we age – but more of us are living longer, so this has to change. We need more effective triage at the primary care stage. We need to avoid unplanned admissions and emergency readmissions for acute / secondary care and above all we need to move a population towards self-care and put early warning into the community.

Through extensive collaboration with healthcare professionals, we’ve established strong evidence for the following benefits.

Lifelight is supported by SBRI Healthcare an NHS England initiative, led by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs)

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